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Getting a pre-employment background check on your applicant is

as easy as completing this form. Simply give us your contact information and the applicant's information, select the services you'd like us to perform - and we'll perform the pre-employment background check!  

Once the background check is complete, we'll send you an electronic invoice for payment. Upon receipt of payment, we'll release the results to you at the email address provided. We accept V/MC/Amex and can also take payment via Paypal. 

Turnaround Times: As we said on our home page, we do not use an automated system. A real, live human - a background screening professional - will be performing this service for you. So results are usually available within 1 hour (although evening and weekend turnaround times may take longer).  Some states and/or counties do not release information immediately. If there will be a delay of more than 24 hours, we will advise you by email or phone. 

Privacy and Compliance: We take federal and state laws seriously, and strictly adhere to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and all applicable state laws and regulations. You should take those laws seriously, too. It is a federal crime to obtain background information on a person for the purpose of employment, without first obtaining a signed, written authorization from the applicant. You must also provide them with a Disclosure document that advises them of your background screening procedures. Failure to comply with these laws could result in severe penalties and/or fines. If you need help with any of these forms, we will be happy to provide you with blank copies that you can use. Just contact us. 

Product Descriptions:  

CRIM: A statewide search (where available) of your applicant in the

current state of residency for felony convictions. If your applicant lives in a jurisdiction where a statewide search is not available, a search in the county of residency will be performed instead. 

NCIS: A search of 300 million records across the US that pulls from

Department of Corrections, arrests, sex offenders, aggregated court records.


MVR: Your applicant's 3-year driving history. Shows license status, class, citations, points and actions against the license. 

SSN: Returns all names and addresses reported under your applicant's social security for the past seven years. Great for identity verification and developing other states and counties that you should take a closer look at. 

Need help?

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