Pre Employment Background Checks in Denver


Our People

​EBS President Chris Bray is a career investigator and business owner, having spent the last 25 years in the investigative industry. He is an avid fly fisherman and enjoys spending time in the Colorado outdoors with his wife and family. He loves his Colorado Rockies and Denver Broncos. Chris and his family have lived in Colorado since 1990, and he has spent much of his professional career volunteering in his community. To see his complete professional profile, visit his Linkedin profile here.  Chris has been conducting pre employment background checks in Colorado for over two decades. 

Our Process

You shouldn't be gambling that a computer will provide the information you need to make a hiring decision. We take each screening request seriously, because we know it is important to you. Each screening request is individually conducted, unlike our national competitors that screen thousands of names each hour. Before we begin the screen, we make sure the information being submitted is accurate and complete, ensuring the results are dependable. And before the results are provided to you, we double check that the results are compliant and legal. 

Our Product

The report we send to you is in plain language and is easy to understand. We highlight and flag the results that you should be concerned about. 

Our reports begin with a summary page that lists all of the products you ordered and tells you whether we found any "red flags" that should concern you. The report then provides you with detailed - but easy to read - results for every search conducted, including the source of the information obtained.

Trust our reports to give you simple, concise and dependable information that you can use to make a hiring decision that keeps your business and your customers safe. ​
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